The Final Product

Please note that all squares were not able to be used in the quilt.  It would have been far too large. ARC is overjoyed at the response to this project!   We are going to work on having a second quilt made from the extra squares.  However, they were displayed proudly at the unveiling of the Community Quilt Event.  Miigwech to everyone that created a square for this beautiful project.  Special thanks to Sue Garrett and Mary Ann Hussey for their work in completing this work of art.  Miigwech!

The Front of the Quilt.  It is absolutely gorgeous-we are so very thankful.  

Squares for the next quilt.

The Back.

Survivors of Holy Childhood of Jesus Boarding School in Harbor Springs. L to R Kim Fyke, Karen Wasageshik-Case, Sharon Skutt, Mary Cope, Debra Delk, and Marilyn Wakefield.

Survivors with the quilt at Mount Pleasant Industrial Indian School.  Sharing their experiences about their time at Holy Childhood of Jesus School in Harbor Springs.

Survivors received a quilt of their own made by "Quilts for Survivors".  

If you are a boarding school survivor and would like a quilt, please email us and tell us your name and what school you attended.  You will receive a quilt when we receive another donation of quilts.  Miigwech!