Jaquelyn Gravelle
Shelter Worker

Jaquelyn is a shelter worker for the Lodge of Bravery.  Jaqueline has attended both Northern Michigan University and Lake Superior State University yet is in no rush to complete her education at this time.

Jaqueline is a creative person.  She enjoys the arts, especially singing, dancing, painting, and writing.  Mental health is very important to Jaquelyn. She quotes, "When I am in a creative space, I am able to heal my past as best as I can, as there is no ending to the healing journey."  Jaquelyn labels herself as a jack of all trades and states it suits her since her name is Jacquelyn (Jaq).  Jaquelyn reads tarot cards in her free time. She said that tarot cards have become her passion as they offer a different perspective to clients’ steps into a new way of healing or if they need motivation and hope. Jaquelyn has a cat named Lucifer and said his attitude matches his namesake.